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Russian Soldiers Detain Two from Akhalgori region near ABL

საოკუპაციო ხაზი სოფელ ხურვალეთში Photo: ტაბულა

Russian soldiers detained two persons yesterday on October 30 near the village Akhmaja in the occupied Akhalgori area, near the administrative boundary line with South Ossetia.

The detained persons are currently in a police station in the Tskhinvali region. They will likely be moved to a pre-detention isolation room.

It is yet unknown in what circumstances were the individuals detained.

The State Security Service says they are already working on freeing the individuals. The European Union Monitoring Mission is also informed about the situation.

Another citizen was detained from the ABL with occupied Abkhazia earlier in August.

Read here for a timeline of detentions on the Administrative Boundary Line.


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