EU-Georgia relations

EP Suggests to Intensify EU Relations with Georgia, Ukraine, and Moldova


The European Parliament made new suggestions regarding how the EU can build stronger ties with Ukraine, Georgia, and Moldova in light of the upcoming Eastern Partnership Summit on November 24, in an official statement.

A report prepared by the European Parliament is “calling to deepen this collaboration further and find new ways to support the countries on the EU’s eastern borders. The own-initiative report has already been adopted by the foreign affairs committee and will be voted on by all MEPs during the November plenary session in Strasbourg. The main focus is on Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova, three countries which have recently achieved major progress in the cooperation with the EU.”

The Eastern Partnership Summit will take place in Brussels on November 24, 2017. Four priority areas chosen for the summit are: stronger economy, stronger governance, stronger connectivity, and stronger society.

The European Parliament plans to increase support to its Eastern neighbours by creating a trust fund for Ukraine, Georgia, and Moldova which will serve as a quick and flexible EU response to crisis and post-crisis situations.

One of the authors of the report, Lithuanian EPP member Laima Andrikene, stated that: “We have to ensure that the outcomes of the summit are concrete and dedicated to the long-term investments and well-being of people in the countries concerned. EU support for economic reforms are of very high importance to the citizens.”

MEP Andrikene also emphasized the role of Russia:

“Changes are due to the military aggression of Russia against Ukraine in 2014, the annexation of Crimea and continuing occupation of Eastern Ukraine by Russian proxies, as well as Kremlin-steered frozen conflicts which remain unresolved in Moldova and Georgia.”

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