US Sends More Service Dogs to Georgian MIA as Part of K9 Program

Photo: შსს

The US has given six more service dogs to the Georgian Ministry of Internal Affairs, as part of the Project K9 training for detecting drug trafficking, the MIA says.

The official closing ceremony of the cynological program ‘K9’ took place at Tbilisi International Airport today.

Employees of Georgia’s Ministry of Internal Affairs patrol police department received training in the US to detect drug trafficking.

They will now work at the Tbilisi and Kutaisi international airports to find smuggled drugs together with the new service dogs.

Project K9 aims to reduce the transit of drugs and is being implemented with the support of the Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL) since 2013.

“As part of the project we received 10 service dogs and eight dog kennels have been reconstructed, which are now suitable to international standards. There have also been several temporary kennels near Tbilisi International Airport,” the MIA said.


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