Kakha Kaladze

Kaladze Will Officially Start Working as Tbilisi Mayor with his Team on November 13

Photo: ენერგეტიკის სამინისტრო

The notice of authority of Kakha Kaladze as new Mayor of Tbilisi will be made on November 12, according to Tbilisi City Hall. Kaladze will officially start work with his new team on November 13.

City Hall explained that after the notice of the new Mayor's authority, the previous mayor, deputies, heads of structural units of City Hall, and the district governors will lose their authority.

According to Article 135 of the Organic Law of Electoral Code of Georgia, regarding the Term of office of the local self-government representative body - Sakrebulo, and the Mayor/Gamgebeli of a self-governing city/community:

“The term of office of the newly elected Mayor/Gamgebeli of a self-governing city/community shall commence, and that of the previous one shall end on the 11th day after the respective election commission draws up a summary protocol of the election results (after the Mayor/Gamgebeli is announced as elected).”

“The Central Election Commission posted the summary protocol of the October Mayoral elections on November 1. Therefore, according to the Organic Law of the Electoral Code of Georgia, authority of the newly elected mayor will be recognized on November 12. As mentioned in Article 135, the ex-mayor and previous deputies, heads of the structural units of the City hall and district governors will lose authority,” reads a statement published by Tbilisi City Hall.


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