Kakha Kaladze

New Tbilisi Mayor Kaladze Presented Five Deputies

Photo: თბილისის მერია

Tbilisi Mayor Kakha Kaladze presented his five deputies today at a briefing. The deputies will be former Deputy Minister of Energy Ilia Eloshvili, former Deputy Minister of Environment and Natural Resources Protection Maia Bitadze, deputy mayor Giga Nikoleishvili, Irakli Khmaladze, and Irakli Bendeliani.

Kaladze explained at the briefing the qualifications of the deputies:

"Irakli Khmaladze was with me during the election campaign and we worked together in the Ministry of Energy, where we implemented important projects together.

Maia Bitadze was the Deputy Minister of Environment and Natural Resources Protection for many years and she is one of the most qualified persons in this area. She joined our team during the pre-election period and in this short time managed to make important contributions to forming our future plans.

Giga Nikoleishvili will remain as the Deputy Mayor. He is experienced in the field and we will carry out many projects that we have been discussing recently.

Irakli Bendeliani has great experience in the development of infrastructure. He has implemented many projects in the energy sector. Citizens of Tbilisi will soon see the results of his work.

Ilia Eloshvili: Changes in government structure were made today. After the merge of the Ministry of Energy, Ilia Eloshvili will join our team.

Soon we will know the team that will work with me in the next years and we will do our best to make our capital, Tbilisi, a city full of life,” Kaladze.


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