Kakha Kaladze

New Tbilisi Mayor Retracts 2018 Budget Presented to City Assembly by his Predecessor

Photo: თბილისის მერია

New Tbilisi Mayor Kakha Kaladze retracted the 2018 Tbilisi budget that was presented to Tbilisi City Assembly (Sakrebulo). Kaladze said the budget which was presented by his predecessor, Mayor Davit Narmania, does not encompass the priorities of the new mayor.

"The budget should certainly be retracted because it was presented by Davit Narmania. It does not take into account our priorities. We will have to work on the budget and return it to Sakrebulo with our projects for the next years included in it," Kaladze said today.

Some members of Tbilisi City Assembly say that the budget does not respond to the demands of Tbilisi residents, and note that this year's budget is smaller than last year’s.

"The draft budget of 2018 that entered Tbilisi City Assembly was reduced by 11 million GEL compared to the budget of the last year. This means that the capital will have even less budget to solve the problems of parking, traffic jams, and damaged buildings,” United National Movement member Irakli Nadiradze said.

Former Mayor Davit Narmania provided the 2018 Tbilisi budget to the City Assembly last week. New Mayor Kaladze will have to return the renewed budget before December 10.


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