Tbilisi budget

Tbilisi Mayor’s Office Asks for Budget Increase

Photo: თბილისის მერია

The Tbilisi Mayor’s Office has asked from the Ministry of Finance of Georgia for an increase in the Tbilisi city budget. Vice Mayor Irakli Khmaladze says negotiations are ongoing at the moment with the Ministry of Finance. Khmaladze stated that the increase in the budget is necessary in order to fulfill the promises made during the pre-election campaign. Tbilisi Mayor Kakha Kaladze was elected mayor of the capital city in October 2017.

"We do not have remarks about the budgeted income, however, we will add substantial changes to the expenses components. We are at the same time holding consultations with the Ministry of Finance. Kakha Kaladze continues to negotiate the increase of the city's 2018 budget in order to implement all the projects promised to the population,” Khmaladze said.

The current 2018 budget for Tbilisi amounts to 815 million GEL.

Tbilisi Mayor Kakha Kaladze retracted the 2018 Tbilisi budget that was presented to Tbilisi City Assembly (Sakrebulo). Kaladze said the budget which was presented by his predecessor, Mayor Davit Narmania, does not encompass the priorities of the new mayor.


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