Anti-Terrorist Operation

Anti-Terrorist Operation in Isani Leaves At Least One Dead

Photo: ტვ იმედი

The special operation which was ongoing for over 22 hours in Tbilisi to detain three members of a terrorist group ended at around 18:00 today. The suspects were battling special ops from inside an apartment block in the Isani district. The State Security Service confirmed that the operation is over, however no further details were disclosed yet.

One special ops employee who was critically injured this morning in the operation died in hospital from his injuries in the afternoon. Another two special ops have been transferred to hospital. According to witnesses there is another victim of the operation, whose identity is unknown.

Minister of Internal Affairs Giorgi Gakharia and State Security Service officials were at the scene.

Special ops remain at the scene and fire brigades have come to put out a fire in an apartment block which started as a result of the shootings.

Special ops started to evacuate the building where the suspected terrorists were located at around 20:00-21:00 in the evening of November 21. Residents of Gabriel Salosi street, where the building is located, could hear gunshots throughout the day.

Head of public relations of the State Security Service Nino Giorgobiani stated while speaking to journalists that the targeted individuals in the operation are members of a terroristic organization. Giorgobiani said earlier in the day that one of the three of the suspected terrorists was detained.

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