Russia-Georgia relations

Russian MFA on Javelin: US Encourages Tbilisi to New Dangerous Adventures

Photo: RIA Novosti

Russia says it is alarmed by military cooperation between Georgia and NATO countries. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia commented in an official statement that it is unacceptable for Russia that the US is giving Javelin anti-tank missiles to Georgia.

The Ministry says that Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Gregory Karasin addressed this matter during the Geneva discussions, where special representatives of the OSCE, UN, and EU gathered.

According to the Ministry, Karasin once again emphasized the threats that may follow the cooperation between Georgia and NATO. Karasin also stated that the Pentagon and US Department of State’s decision to give Javelin missiles to Georgia is the first deal of such level between Georgia and the US since the 2008 August War.

Karasin also emphasized that military cooperation between Georgia and the US is oriented on preparing regular military units in Georgia and that the US is planning to build another military training center in Georgia.

Moscow describes such support for Georgia as a “push towards implementing yet another adventure in the Tbilisi region.”

On November 22, the US Department of State approved a demand from Georgia to purchase Javelin anti-tank missiles.

The Government of Georgia will buy 72 release devices of FGM-148 Javelin and 410 rockets. The the deal likely amounts to 75 million USD.


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