Kakha Kaladze

No More Dog-Walking Commission: Tbilisi Mayor Kaladze Gets Rid of 19 City Hall Commissions

Photo: თბილისის მერია

Tbilisi mayor Kakha Kaladze has cancelled 19 commissions in Tbilisi City Hall, "in order to reduce bureaucracy, have timely decision-making and more efficient work."

The commissions, councils, and working groups were established during the period of for the previous mayor Davit Narmania.

Among the cancelled commissions are the group responsible for finding appropriate dog-walking places; a selection group for special places for dogs; the commission responsible for organizing the city’s New Year decorations; the kindergarten management agency and the group responsible for optimizing costs of the Tbilisi Transport Company.

The full list of revoked commissions:

  • Inter-agency for reviewing documents prepared within the framework of renovation works;
  • Commission studying issues related to unfinished construction sites in Tbilisi;
  • Commission for inspecting bills payable and receivable of legal entities, non-productive legal entities, and enterprises with 50% of the shares belonging to the City Hall or established by the office itself.
  • Working group studying regulatory legislation linked to construction activities and spatial planning of Tbilisi;
  • Group responsible for finding dog-walking places;
  • Commission to review the issue of revocation of ownership rights on immovable property owned by the capital and amendment-correction matters of real estate borders;
  • Green City Action Plan Monitoring Group;
  • The kindergarten management agency and group for optimizing the costs of the Tbilisi transport company;
  • The Commission for the evaluation and selection of winning applications for the introduction of a new public transport circuit scheme in Tbilisi and an improved electronic payment system;
  • Advisory Board of Tbilisi International Art Festival Center;
  • Temporary Commission for working on the problems of Tbilisi residents;
  • Commission to study applications for expression of interest to attract investments and actual implementation of transition of the Tbilisi outdoor lighting network to the diode lighting;
  • Group responsible for selecting designs for e-libraries in Tbilisi and recording project expenditures
  • Recommendation council on regulating the functions of the following pantheons: Mtatsminda, Didube, Armenian writers and public figures;
  • Working group created for the purpose of developing environmental and ecological security policies in Tbilisi;
  • Working group for drawing out proposals for the future development of the Eliava Bazroba territory;
  • Working group on the implementation and proper performance of electronic governance in Tbilisi City Hall and legal entities of the city.


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