Kakha Kaladze

Tbilisi Mayor to Create Group to Meet with Residents and Discuss Their Problems

Photo: ქართული ოცნება

Under an initiative of Tbilisi mayor Kakha Kaladze, a special working group will be created in Tbilisi City Hall to address the problems of "dissatisfied or unhappy" citizens. The group members will meet with people twice a week and will listen to their concerns. Kaladze announced the establishment of the initiative at a briefing on December 7.

"Every day there are lots of requests to meet the Mayor. People are calling the hotline, many contact me directly via my personal Facebook and the Tbilisi City Hall page. Naturally, I do not have time to meet everyone. Therefore in order not to leave any citizen unhappy, and increase coordination between the city hall and Tbilisi residents, I made a decision to create a special group. This group will meet with citizens twice a week to discuss their problems, and city hall will consequently tackle them under our competences,” Kaladze said.

Kaladze says the meetings with citizens will start next week, on Thursday from 10:00 to 15:00 and on Friday from 13:00 to 18:00.


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