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Merge of Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Euro-Atlantic Integration Doesn’t Reduce Budget

Photo: საქართველოს პარლამენტი

The merge of the State Ministry for Euro-Atlantic Integration of Georgia With the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will not reduce the state budget expenditure if the structural changes are approved by parliament. Based on the draft budget of the new ministry published by the Ministry of Finance, no money will be saved by merging the two ministries.

According to the budget, the new united ministry will have the sum of the two budgets and the same number of employees. An overall cost and labor force optimization that was expected from the merge is not visible.

Before the merge, the budgets of the ministries were:

  • State Ministry for Euro-Atlantic Integration - 2.9 million GEL, 60 employees
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs - 118 million GEL, 775 employees.

Budget of the new united Ministry:

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs - 120.9 million, 835 employed

In the case of other ministries, the number of employees is only reduced by 6 persons, but the total budget savings exceeds 200 million GEL.

47 million GEL will be saved in the merge of the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources Protection. 152 million GEL is saved due to the integration of the Ministries of Economy, Energy, and part of the Ministry of Environment, and the consolidation of the MInistry of Sport and the Ministry of Culture will reduce the budget expenditure by 14 million GEL.


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