Prime Minister Congratulates Jews on the Hanukkah Holiday from the Tbilisi Synagogue

Photo: მთავრობის ადმინიტრაცია

Georgia’s Prime Minister Giorgi Kvirikashvili congratulated the Jewish people on the beginning of Hannukah while attending festivities at the Grand Synagogue in Tbilisi, located on Kote Aphkhazi street (formerly Leselidze street).

“When I light the candle for Hanukkah, I will make a wish for Israel to have peace and for all Jewish families to have peace, and of course, for Georgia to have peace too and in the rest of the world,” Kvirikashvili said.

Kvirikashvili emphasized the 26-century-long friendship between Georgians and Jews.

“This holiday is very symbolic for Georgians too and where we are now, in this district of Tbilisi, all representatives of traditional religions are gathered. However the 26-century-long friendship between Georgians and Jews is really unique. This is the case when two nations have so much in common,” the prime minister said.  

Parliamentary Chairman Irakli Kobakhidze also shared an official statement congratulating Jewish people on Hanukkah.

“I congratulate the Jewish people, one of the best friends of the Georgian people, on Hanukkah. It is the celebration of light, symbolizing victory of light over darkness, kindness over evil. The Georgian people celebrate this day with you as the contribution and merit of the Jewish people in the development of our country is immense. Our friendship counts centuries and I believe the Georgian people will always stand beside the Jewish people. On behalf of the Parliament, let me congratulate you with Hanukkah! I wish you peace and welfare,” reads the official statement.

President of Georgia, Giorgi Margvelashvili also congratulated everyone celebrating Hanukkah with the official statement:

"I wholeheartedly congratulate you on Hanukkah, the great celebration of victory, purification, and everlasting revitalization. Georgian-Jewish millennial relations are the prominent example of friendship between nations and states. This historic friendship has a bright future.
I enthusiastically share your celebratory mood and wish you and your families well-being, peace and happiness."

Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu addressed the people gathered in the Grand Synagogue in Tbilisi via a video message from Jerusalem. Prime Minister Kvirikashvili also congratulated the Israeli prime minister.


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