Zviad Ratiani

Georgian Poet Claims He Was Physically Assaulted by Police

Photo: რუსთავი 2

Georgian poet Zviad Ratiani claims he was physically assaulted by police, because of the color of his jacket.

The police arrested and physically assaulted Zviad Ratiani on December 23.

He was released from detention after giving a written statement. According to Ratiani, law enforcers were irritated by the color of his jacket, so they stopped him and took him to the police department, where he was beaten several times. Ratiani was wearing an orange jacket when he was detained.

Poet Zviad Ratiani was taken to the hospital earlier today.

According to information that his attorney, Ana Nasrashvili, confirmed to Tabula, Ratiani had a brain concussion and needed bed rest after being released from pre-trial detention, however he was involved in an ongoing investigation his condition deteriorated.

Ratiani was taken to hospital by an ambulance. Ratiani's trial was held today, however he was unable to attend the trial because of his health condition and on the basis of his lawyer’s motion, the trial was postponed to January 17.

Later, the Ministry of Internal Affairs made a statement according to which Ratiani had resisted the police, was swearing and using strong language.


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