Patriarch Ilia II

Patriarch Ilia II: Opposition and Government Should Respect Each Other

პატრიარქი ილია მეორე

At a dinner dedicated to the 40th anniversary of the election of Ilia II as the Catholicos-Patriarch of All Georgia, Ilia II addressed the leaders of the opposition and government.

He called upon collaboration and asked both parties to fight together for the welfare of the country.

"I probably have a different idea about the opposition. In my opinion, the opposition should not be criticizing every decision of the government. The opposition should help and remind the government about the possible benefits for the people and country, they should help the authorities try to make a reminder for the government, which is good and useful for the nation.

The opposition and government should respect each other.

As your confessor I ask you to do everything helpful for the country and church, stand for the well-being of people so unanimity prevails. God bless the government, the parliament and the opposition. God bless all Georgia, " - Patriarch Ilia II addressed the government and the opposition.

Leaders of the opposition parties, European Georgia and Patriots Alliance attended the evening. Giga Bokeria, Gigi Ugulava, David Bakradze, Khatuna Gogorishvili and Gigi Tsereteli attended the event from European Georgia. Leaders of the United National Movement did not attend the evening. The only member of UNM at the dinner was MP Koba Nakopia.

40 years have passed since the Catholicos Patriarch's installment.

December 25 is the day of the consecration of Ilia II. The festive liturgy started yesterday at Svetitskhoveli Cathedral at 10:00.


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