Electricity tariffs

Consumer Tariffs for Electricity to Increase

Photo: paknewspage.com

At today's session, the Georgian National Energy and Water Supply Regulatory Commission(GNERC) decided to increase electricity tariffs for consumers. WIth the new tariffs, the customers of Telasi will pay 1.56 Georgian Tetri more per kilowatt hour.

According to the electricity usage stages, renewed tariffs are the following:

  • The first level - up to 100 kWh - current tariff is 12.980 Tetri for kWh, the new tariff - 14.54 Tetri for kWh.
  • The second level - 101-300 kWh - the current tariff 16.992 kWh, the new tariff - 18.55 Tetri for kWh
  • The third level - more than 300 kWh - the current tariff 21.476 kWh, the new tariff - 23.03 kWh.

The renewed tariffs will operate in 2018-2020.

Member of European Georgia party Zurab Tchiaberashvili calls the increase of the tariff "New Year gift of the Georgian Dream" and says that the increase will severely affect many families with financial difficulties.

"The Increase in gas tariffs by 11-12-13 tetri (in some cases even by 16 tetri) in July became an additional factor for increase in the cost of living in a big part of cities and regions of Georgia. Additionally, increasing the cost of electricity will be an additional blow for the thousands of families.

Under such conditions,  Georgian Dream received a budget that is the exact copy of the previous year’s budget. The government does not refuse its own well-being on the expense of people's well-being. The weak national currency, the price level increases and general hardship is the result of the wrong economic policies that is represented in the budget designed by Georgian Dream "- said Tchiaberashvili.


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