President of Georgia Pardoned 187 Convicts

გიორგი მარგველაშვილი Photo: პრეზიდენტის ადმინისტრაცია

According to the chairperson of the President’s Pardon Commission-Zviad Koridze, the president has granted pardons to 187 convicts, including 172 men, 12 women and 3 juveniles.

According to Zviad Koridze, 123 convicts were released from detention facilities, including 114 men, 8 women and a juvenile.

Zviad Koridze mentioned that the president's attitude towards drug-related crimes is at most loyal.

"65 prisoners out of the 123 who left the prison facilities were convicted for drug-related crimes, for two prisoners who were also convicted for drug-related crimes, and a life sentence was reduced to fixed term imprisonment "- said the pundit.

the President’s Pardon Commission examined 1182 cases during the period from December 14 to December 24, and on December 27, 2017, the President of Georgia pardoned 187 convicts.


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