Gender Equality in Georgia

NDI Public Opinion Poll Talks Gender Equality, Gender Quotas, and Sexual Harassment


National Democratic Institute (NDI) Georgia published the results of its new public opinion poll on the sections about gender equality. The poll covers questions about mandatory gender quotas in parliament and sexual harassment.

According to NDI, 80% of the pollees had positive associations with the phrase “equality between men and women,”  whereas 16% had a negative. The results were different however when pollees were asked about “gender equality,” as 67% had positive associations with this term and 23% - negative.

The term which had the most negative assessment was “feminism:” 34% of the pollees had negative associations, 26% - positive, and 29% don’t know.

Pollees were also asked to identify the problems that women face in Georgia. Domestic violence was the most frequent answer among pollees, with 81% identifying it as a problem, followed by early marriage and unwanted sexual advances.

Photo: NDI

In regards to sexual harassment, 77% of pollees stated that they would support the Parliament in adopting a law against it. According to NDI, the definition of sexual harassment was introduced to the pollees before they answered the question. 14% of the pollees wouldn’t support such an initiative and 8% don’t know.

Photo: NDI Georgia

The National Democratic Institute touched upon another legislative measure in its poll - Gender Quotas. According to NDI, 49% supports mandatory quotas, 14% fully supports, 20% doesn’t support, 6% strongly disagrees with mandatory quotas, and 10% doesn’t know.

Photo: NDI Georgia

The fieldwork for the survey was carried out from November 29th to December 19th, 2017 throughout the regions of Georgia, excluding the occupied territories of Abkhazia and South Ossetia. 2,298 face-to-face interviews were conducted based on a sampling selection. The NDI survey was conducted by CRRC-Georgia. The average margin of error is +/- 1.9%.


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