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European Georgia to Rustavi 2: Dissemination of Disinformation Reduces Trust in the Channel and Benefits the Government


European Georgia party issued a statement regarding the false information about the recent NDI commissioned public opinion polls aired on Rustavi 2 evening news program. 

While reporting on recent polls, Rustavi 2 reporter and news anchor, Tamar Baghashvili has said: 

“If we compare party ratings of recent NDI polls to the past election results we will see that the support for the Georgian Dream and the United National Movement has slightly increased, while the rating of European Georgia has dropped from 12% to 4%”. 

The European Georgia’s statement says: 

“Rustavi 2 is a private television company and it has every right to have its editorial preferences that reflect support towards a particular political party. It is obvious for everyone that this TV channel is biased in favor of Mikheil Saakashvili and his political team. 

But we believe that when the channel’s political sympathy makes reporters disseminate false information, it shows disrespect of audience and is a grave violation of journalistic standards. 

We regret to say, that when the Government is persecuting Rustavi 2, the only national broadcaster that remains outside of Government’s control, the editorial decisions made by the channel’s leadership benefit the Government. The dissemination of disinformation reduces trust in the channel and serves the interests of Georgian Dream.” 

In recent local elections, Georgian Dream has received 55.8% of votes, UNM – 17%, European Georgia – 10.4%. 

According to the January 2018 NDI public opinion poll, if parliamentary elections were held tomorrow, 27% of the pollees said they would vote for the Georgian Dream, 10% said for the United National Movement, and 3% for European Georgia. 


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