State Budget 2017

Georgian Government Spent 33.7 Million GEL More than Budgeted From Reserve Fund in 2017

Photo: მთავრობის ადმინისტრაცია

In 2017, the Government of Georgia used 73.7 million GEL from the Reserve Fund, which is 84% more than the budgeted amount of 40 million GEL which written in the 2017 State Budget, according to information released by the State Treasury. A significant amount of those funds were spent on sports financing.

The largest amounts from the Reserve Fund in 2017 were allocated in the following:

  • 9.4 million GEL was spent on the development and management of state policy in the areas of sports and youth affairs;
  • 9 million GEL was spent on the development and management of state policy for lawmaking and legal support of the country's interests;
  • 7 million GEL was transferred to the Georgian Football Development Fund;
  • 4.6 million GEL was spent on the financing of international sporting events in Georgia;
  • 3.1 million GEL was spent on funding of election parties;
  • 2.9 million GEL was spent on transfers to local self-governments.

In the 2018 budget, the Government Reserve Fund is defined as 50 million GEL.

The reserve funds of the President and the Government are aimed at funding unexpected and urgent situations. However, in reality, the funds are often used for existent expenditures and are not saved for the urgency. For several years the government has used more funds than the established budget for the Reserve Fund.

The biggest variation between the fund's budget and the actual utilization of funds was in 2015 when 168 million GEL was spent from the fund instead of the estimated 50 million GEL.


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