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Javelin System Arrives in Georgia

ტანკსაწინააღმდეგო, სარაკეტო კომპლექსი FGM-148 Javelin Photo: wikimedia

The javelin anti-tank missile systems purchased from the U.S. have arrived in Georgia, Minister of Defence Levan Izoria confirmed. At a meeting with US Ambassador Ian Kelly, he added that the preparations for the Georgian military to study how to properly use the javelin system, which is a necessity, will start soon.

“The first part of purchasing the javelin system has ended successfully. The Javelin system is located in a safe place in Georgia,” stated Izoria.

Izoria hosted Ambassador Kelly at the Ministry of Defence building in Tbilisi. They also discussed projects in the defence sphere as part of the bilateral cooperation between the two strategic partners.

“I am always very happy to see my friends here, Minister and the deputy Minister. We took the opportunity to look at where we are in terms of our bilateral cooperation and I think we’re in a very good place, as we have implemented some very important reforms together. There was an important decision by the President a few months ago to provide some very necessesary defence articles and so we’re very glad to provide these very necessary materials for Georgia’s self-defence,” stated Ambassador Kelly after the meeting with the Minister of Defence.

Russia has previously expressed its alarm regarding the purchase of the javelin system. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia commented in an official statement that it is unacceptable for Russia that the US is giving Javelin anti-tank missiles to Georgia.

The Government of Georgia has bought 72 release devices of FGM-148 Javelin and 410 rockets. The cost amounts to 75 million USD which will be paid in two 37.5 million USD transfers.

The deal also includes support in terms of technical operation from the supplying company.

Raytheon & Lockheed Martin have been producing Javelin since 1996. They have produced 40,000 release mechanisms thus far. The weight of a Javelin missile amounts to 23 kilograms, whereas that of rocket is 8.4 kilograms. The throwing distance covers 4.75 kilometers.


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