Crime Rate

MIA: Registered Crime Increased by 5.4% y/y


The Ministry of Internal Affairs published statistics for registered crimes of 2017. This is the first time they have published data on crime in two years.

According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, a total of 37,944 crimes were registered in 2017. 53.2% of criminal cases were solved. In comparison with 2016, registered crime increased by 5.4%. In 2016, 57.4% of cases were solved.

According to the MIA, 64.5% of registered offenses in the country are associated with Chapter XX of the Criminal Code of Georgia, which are Crimes against Health, Chapter XXV - Crimes Against Property, and Chapter XXIII - Drug-related crime.

In 2017, 1,013 violations of Chapter XIX of the Criminal Code of Georgia were recorded, which are Crimes against life (Articles 108-116 for murder, killing at the victim's request, murder under aggravated circumstances, suicide, intentional murder in a state of sudden strong emotional excitement, etc). 184 of the cases were solved. In 2016, 905 cases under Chapter XIX of the Criminal Code were registered, of which 181 were solved.

5,349 violations were noted in Chapter XX, Crime against health (Articles 117-126 - Intentional damage to health, grave or less grave health damages, domestic violence, and more). 3,509 cases were solved. In 2016, 4,660 cases of similar offenses were registered. 3,038 of them were solved;

Of the 339 criminal cases registered in 2017 under Crimes against sexual freedom and inviolability (Articles 137-141 - rape, violent act of sexual nature, and more) 220 were solved. In 2016, 336 similar offense cases were registered, and 229 were solved;


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