Georgia-Russia relations

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Condemns Creation of Custom Points in Occupied Regions


Georgia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs published a statement on January 28 condemning Russia’s creation of “specialized custom points” in the occupied regions Abkhazia and South Ossetia. Georgia’s MFA said it is a representation of another illegal action aimed to further integrate the occupied regions within the customs sphere of the Russian Federation.

The MFA said that under the new custom points, bringing in all kinds of meat and dairy products from Georgia to the occupied regions is banned. This “aggravates the dire humanitarian situation of the local population, restricts their freedom of movement and blatantly violates their fundamental rights,” the MFA said.

“Against the background of building the barbed wire fences and other artificial barriers along the occupation line, the closure of the so-called crossing points and introduction of various discriminatory regulations aimed at restricting the freedom of movement, the opening of so-called customs points represents a part of Moscow’s policy of integration of [the] Abkhazia and Tskhinvali regions into Russia’s system, including the customs-economics sphere through the implementation of so-called treaties and isolation of these regions from the rest of Georgia,” reads the statement.

The MFA says these kind of actions are intentional measures of the Russian Federation to decelerate efforts of the international community and Georgia for peaceful conflict resolution and integration between the communities divided by the occupation line.

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs calls upon the Russian Federation to cease the provocative actions against Georgian statehood, abide by its international commitments, de-occupy Georgia’s territories, and take steps aimed at peaceful conflict resolution in accordance to the principles of international law,” they say.


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