Import of Electricity Tripled in 2017

Photo: paknewspage.com

The import of electricicity in Georgia amounted to 1.5 terawatts in 2017, which is 3.1 times more than in 2016, according to Galt &Taggart.

The rise in imports was caused by the 7% rise in energy consumption in the country, and 7% less hydrogenation in winter. Because of these factors,import amounted to 11% of the overall consumption in the country.

According to Galt & Taggart, electricity comes to Georgia from Azerbaijan (61.3%), Russia (30.2%), and Armenia (8.5%).

Total delivery in 2017 including both local production (11.5 twt/h) and import (1.5 twt/h) amounted to 13.0 twt/h (+8.1% y/y). 91.0% of that delivery was consumed within the country, 5.3% went to export, and 3.7% went for electric stations’ consumption.


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