Budget Transparency

TI Georgia: Georgia among Top 5 in terms of Budget Transparency


Transparency International (TI) Georgia presented its findings for the 2017 Open Budget Index: It said that Georgia got 82 points out of 100, with assessments based on the global report of the International Budget Partnership (IBP) in 2017. The 2017 score for the Open Budget Index is 16 points higher than Georgia’s data for 2015.

TI Georgia’s Open Budget Index assesses whether the government ensures the timely accessibility to major state budget documents and whether the information in them is complete. These are the eight documents:

  • Pre-Budget Statement
  • Executive’s Budget Proposal and supporting documents for the Executive’s Budget Proposal
  • Enacted Budget
  • Citizens Budget
  • In-Year Reports
  • Mid-Year Review
  • Year-End Report
  • Audit Report

The IBP report takes into consideration citizens’ involvement in budgetary processes as well as the effective oversighting mechanisms over budgets. IBP notes that Georgia still has challenges regarding involving the citizens in budgetary processes.

According to the IBP report, Georgia got 22 points out of 100 on the subject of citizens’ involvement in budgetary processes, and took 17th place in the overall ranking. In regards to budget oversight, Georgia got 74 points and got 18th place in this ranking.

Despite significant achievements, the International Budget Partnership offers Georgia a list of recommendations including improving the reporting process of the budget and involving the citizenry in budgetary processes.

When presenting the Open Budget Index, TI Georgia said that Georgia took 5th place in the overall rating among 101 countries. New Zealand, South Africa, Sweden, and Norway are the only countries which surpass Georgia.

The research process for the Open Budget Index was carried out during the course of 18 months and covers the period before December 31, 2016. 109 different indicators are used to assess the transparency of budgets.


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