Rule of Law in Georgia

Georgia’s Grade Down in 4 Categories in World Justice Project ‘Rule of Law’ Index

კანონის უზენაესობის ინდექსი

The World Justice Project published its 2017-2018 report on Rule of Law Index; Georgia has gone down 4 points compared to last year. Among 113 countries, Georgia is currently 38th in ranking. Costa Rica, the United Arab Emirates, Antigua and Barbuda are among the countries which surpass Georgia.

Georgia’s score went down in Constraints of Government Powers, Open Government, Fundamental Rights, and Civil Justice, in the index. Georgia’s ranking stayed in the same in the categories Absence of Corruption, Order and Security, Regulatory Enforcement, and Criminal Justice.

Despite going down in some categories, Georgia is still the leading country in the Eastern Europe and Central Asia region, which covers 13 countries.

Georgia also has a leading position among the 30 countries with the ranking of low average income.

The report emphasizes that Burkina Faso, Kazakhstan, and Sri Lanka showed the biggest improvements in overall rank, each improving nine positions over their 2016 overall rule of law ranking.


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