Georgian Dream's counter-demonstration

Groups affiliated with Georgian government attacked peaceful protesters

Photo: ტვ პირველი

Seven youth activists were hospitalized on Monday as Georgian Dream-organized groups of civil servants and so-called Titushki (semi-criminal groups, mostly wrestlers) violently attacked two peaceful protests demanding honoring of Georgian Dream's commitment to to proportional election system.

Group of politicized civil servants personally directed mayor of Mtskheta Giorgi Kapanadze violently attacked peaceful rally at the town hall. Tsotne Vadachkoria and Lasha Diarov, two young activists were hospitalized with “medium” head traumas, according to the local hospital. Despite repeated nature of violent attacks no one was arrested.

An organized mob of physically fit Georgian Dream members and civil servants attacked another at Georgian Dream's Tbilisi HQ condemning violence in Mtskheta with the Police standing idle and as visible in this video, letting the offenders carry out repeated violent assaults despite repeated pleas by activists to stop the violent crackdown. As also seen in video shot by Georgian Service of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty RFERL the attacking group was well-organized as Police ignores repeated calls to detain attackers.

No perpetrator was detained while five of the activists were injured and hospitalized (Netgazeti 02.12.2019). Multiple Georgian Dream activists and civil servants were identified amongst the attackers.

Impunity for state-organized violence against political opponents has been one of the key concerns of opposition in Georgia. Opposition parties and civil society consider the incidents as state-organized violent crackdown on peaceful protest and infringement on freedom of assembly. Further use of Yanukovich-style “Titushki” and impunity for violence, it is feared, may throw Georgia into major instability.

Opposition and civil society groups launched protests following Georgian Dream's tanking commitment to switch to proportional election system from the current mixed system often criticized for producing supermajorities.


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