Political Crisis in Georgia

Ivanishvili Fails to Deliver Proportional Elections, Plunging Georgia into Major Crisis


Georgian Parliament voted against the much awaited switch to the fully proportional electoral system plunging Georgia into major political instability and casting shadow over legitimacy of elections. The move came after imitation of ‘rebellion’ by Georgian Dream MPs known for close links with Ivanishvili.

All opposition groups voted in favor of the amendments to the Constitution while 40 Georgian Dream MPs voted against or abstained.

Ivanishvili agreed to switch to the proportional system amid protests in June, following the visit of Russian Communist MP Sergey Gavrilov and holding of the controversial Assembly of Orthodox countries.

First Vice Speaker of Parliament Tamar Chugoshvili, Chairman of European Integration Tamar Khulordava and virtually entire English-speaking pro-western wing of Georgian Dream resigned from both their posts as well as party in protest.

Georgia’s existing “mixed” electoral system has often been criticized for designed to produce supermajorities.


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