Tbilisi Pizzerias


Paneteria Italian bakery
Address: 3a Jgenti Street, Nutsubidze Plateau II
Working hours: 11:00 – 22:00
Tel: +995 32 212 218 / +995 99 167 167
Price: 11 – 17 GEL
Cards: Accepted
Home delivery service: Until 22:00

Calm atmosphere, with ugly pictures of Italian women on the walls and tasty pretzels on the table. I ordered the first pizza in the menu – the ‘chief’ (ham, hot salami, mozzarella, tomato sauce, mushrooms, and olives). To pass the time, I tried to listen to the drunken boys sitting at next table, but could not understand anything they were saying. Fortunately the pizza was ready quite fast. Looking at the pizza, I felt that the time and petrol to come here wasn’t worth it. The pizza was middle sized, the dough was fat and soft, and the sausage was slightly over-fried. It seemed like pizza did not have much more than a little taste. When I have started eating the second piece, stopped. I did not want any more. I do not know who is coming here. Maybe its only those who live close and who are lazy to go a little further for tasty pizza.

Ciao Italia
Address: 1 Moseshvili street
Working hours: 11:00 – 22:00
Tel: +995 90 406 454
Price: 11 – 18 GEL
Cards: Accepted
Home delivery service: N/A

This newly-opened pizzeria on Moseshvili street has got a colorful interior: antique Roman-style statues, mirrors, the colors of the Italian flag, and different posters featuring: Marlon Brando as Vito Corleone, nice Italian boys and girls, the landscape of some city, and Al Capone with a cigar. When I entered there, the lighting was poor and some Barry White song was playing. All ten tables were free. You could tell that this place had just opened. They do not have home delivery service. However, it is possible to call ahead and then go to pick up the pizza. Preparing quarto fromage (four cheeses) and Hawaiian (cheese, bacon and pineapple) took 20 minutes. The pizzas were delicious, well-spiced, and had paper-thin dough – a rarity in Tbilisi pizzarias. Service was good and so were the prices – two 8-piece pizzas with an non-alcoholic drink will cost you about 30 GEL.

Address: 27 Abashidze Street, Vake
Working hours: 10:00 – 24:00
Tel: +995 32 225 066
Price: 10 – 22 GEL
Cards: Accepted
Home delivery service: 11:00 – 23:00

Though it was a Sunday, only a few of the restaurant’s 20 tables were taken. The waitress smiled politely and pointed me to a free place. The table, which was at the window, was a great spot and provided nice views of a fruit-laden cherry tree. To call the waitress was quite easy – all I had to do was glance in her direction. The music was moderately loud. Of the three choices, we ordered the biggest pepperoni pizza. I liked the fireplace very much, where they baked the pizza in front of us. My friend and I only had time to smoke two cigarettes before they brought the pizza. The pizza was smaller than we expected – six pieces and an assortment of mixed toppings with thin dough. However, they were a little light on the cheese. Overall, a nice interior and charming service make it a good option.

Address: 77 Kostava Street
Working hours: 11:00 – 24:00
Tel: +995 32 441 261
Price: 8 – 11 GEL
Cards: Accepted
Home delivery service: N/A

Located at 77 Kostava street, the pizzeria cannot be proud of its interior. When you enter, one can only see spiritless and tasteless pictures, unpleasant colors, and hear loud music. But these admittedly minor defects are compensated for by good service and delicious pizza. For 30 GEL, two people can have their fill of pizza and nonalcoholic beverages. Unfortunately, there is no home delivery service, but you can order the pizza for takeout.

Ronny’s Pizza
American Pizza in Georgia
Address: 36 Pekini Street, Saburtalo
Working hours: 11:00 – 21:00
Tel: +995 32 472 472
Price: 9.50 – 34.50 GEL
Cards: Accepted
Home delivery service: Until 21:00

Ronnie’s pizzeria is so small that you might not see it. As soon as you enter in, you understand that you’ve come into an American-style pizzeria. The atmosphere is pleasant. The walls are decorated with license plates from different states in America. You can hear the music, but it doesn’t disturb. However, there are only three small tables – so if you want to go with many friends, remember, there is not enough space. If you are looking for calm atmosphere, Ronny’s isn’t the place for it. The door of the pizzeria almost never closes and the phone doesn’t stop ringing. However, service is cheerful and very helpful. After ordering, the pizza takes about 10 minutes, though a longer wait is worth it. The pizza is the closest you’ll get in Georgia (the Caucasus?) to American-style pizza. It’s a little pricey, but very much worth it.

Address: 3a Napareuli Street, Tbilisi 0179
Working hours: 10:00 – 23:00
Tel: +995 32 294 675
Price: 9 – 24 GEL
Cards: Accepted
Home delivery service: Until 23:00

We visited Fantastico on a Thursday evening. Six out of eight tables were taken. After sitting, the waitress came immediately, gave us the menu, and gave some time to make a choice. Fantastico has got 32 different kinds of pizza. The price changes accordingly to size and toppings. A small pizza costs 9 GEL. The maximum price of pizza is 24 GEL. The waitress took my order, brought

the drink immediately, and, within 10 minutes, brought our two kinds of pizza. The atmosphere is calm – music was playing softly and guests were not loud either. You will be charmed by the top-notch service. Each table is decorated by one fresh rose, which makes the atmosphere even nicer. Fantastico is really fantastic.

Prego Saburtalo
Address: 2 Vaja – Pshavela Avenue, Saburtalo
Working hours: 09:30 – 22:00
Tel: +995 32 373 610
Price: 6 – 25 GEL
Cards: Accepted
Home delivery service: Until 22:00

As soon as you walk in, you are hit with an uncomfortable atmosphere. But unlike the atmosphere, the service is on a high level. As soon as we have sat down, the waitress brought the menu to us. Before we ordered the pizza, she kindly expressed her readiness to help us. Still we were a bit uncomfortable that the accountant was sitting at the bar moving papers loudly and talking with another about the business’ financial situation.
The waitress brought the pizza soon but it would be better if she had never brought it: tasteless cheese, burned dough, and pebble-like particles that were supposed to be spices pushed us to the exit. Fortunately, they brought us a bill soon and we quickly left with the hope that we’d never again be so hungry to need to come back.

Prego Vake
Address: 14 Paliashvili Street, Vake
Working hours: 11:00 – 23:00
Tel: +995 32 999 723
Prize: 5 – 15 GEL
Cards: Accepted
Home delivery service: Yes

We visited Prego on a Thursday at 15:00. The ‘best Italian restaurant’ was completely empty. There is a calm ambience with slow electronic music and banners on the wall give us all the sights of Italy – the Coliseum, Venice, Verona, and Saint Peter’s help to create a good atmosphere for eating pizza. The waiter saw us as soon as we have walked in and nicely offered us a seat. For Georgians who have grown up in a traditional kitchen, is too difficult to choose. We needed somebody to help you and explain what the hell this ‘Neopolitan’ is! However the waiter is standing behind you and trying to take your order – we opted for a conservative pepperoni pizza. The ashtray on the table gets out attention, it has got a Russian sign, which might irk a more nationalistic Georgian. This is not only one Russian thing in this Italian restaurant. The TV is showing Russian channels too, but the volume is thankfully off. The pizza is ready in ten minutes. The pizza is crackling with heat, but the dough is thick enough to hold in your hand.

Address: 1 mtskheta Street, Vake
Working hours: 12:00 – 22:00
Tel: +995 77 780 090
Prize: 7 – 18 GEL
Cards: Accepted
Home delivery service: Until 22:00

It seems the Garage is popular among expatriates. The striped tables are full of English or Italian- speaking people. The walls are decorated with appetizing pictures of Italian pasta, cheese and pizza – enticing you to order more. Prizes are moderate, the service is good, and they offer you a table as soon as you walk in. Most pleasant is that, before you order, they bring to you a plate of bruschetta (Italian toasted bread with tomatoes) on the house. The Pizza is good – not too thin or thick – with savory cheese and well-done mushrooms. The choice of ingredients is large, too. You can have a pizza according to your choice. There are 8 tables and a nice atmosphere. It seems like you are not in Georgia. This is a small and cute restaurant.

Address: 8 Javakhishvili Street, Vere
Working hours: 11:00 – 22:00
Tel: +995 32 922 628
Prize: 8.50 – 15.60 GEL
Cards: Not Accepted
Home delivery service: Yes

The interior of the restaurant is more Soviet than Italian. With tasteless decorations (sad and funny masks, plastic flowers, and low-grade pictures), a refrigerator standing in the wrong place, fraying wallpaper, and various personnel are running to and fro performing unknown tasks. We order a Calabrese pizza (tomato, cheese, sausages, basil, parmesan; price – 10 GEL) and a Sicilian pizza (tomato, cheese, mushroom, chicken, olives, parsley, basil, garlic, parmesan; price – 10.60 GEL). Oh yes, I almost forgot, while waiting the pizza, do not go to the toilet – there is a good chance that you will lose your appetite and there is not much for hand-washing. The pizza is OK, despite the fact that they forgot to include some toppings. The dough is thin. When I asked for the check, the waitress looks at me sternly as though she had heard me say what I was actually thinking about. On my way out, I took a copy of the delivery menu which, strangely enough, doesn’t list pizza. If you’re looking for serviceable pizza, Piccolo is fine, but don’t
expect genius gourmet or a place to take a date


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