Restaurant Adjara in Holiday Inn Hotel



1, May 26 Square; Tbilisi 0107
District; Saburtalo
Tel: 300 099
Cuisine: International
Hours: Daily, from 09:00 to 23:00

(Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner) 

Bank cards: All bank cards accepted
Price: GEL 120 (Dinner for two including wine and gratuity)
Parking: Self-parking, in front of hotel

 The newly opened Holiday Inn is paying homage to its architectural roots with restaurant Adjara, namesake of the predecessor hotel transformed into this famous international brand. In an apparent nod to Adjara itself, the well-lit attractive restaurant is neatly lined with orange trees in oversized pots. Interior walls are decorated with monochromic, original tapestry of oriental textile. All-glass walls facing the street welcome sunlight during the day. In the evenings, the space is brightly lit with multiple small bulbs on an interwoven black cable – a sort of embellished version of Philippe Starck’s New Design style. The restaurant is divided by dark grey commercial-granite numbered columns (postmodern is now in vogue in Saburtalo as well). New Scandinavian eco-design elements create a pleasant eclectic atmosphere. Reconstruction of the old hotel and its transformation into a new brand has been entirely a Georgian undertaking. For the interior design, the Georgian investors hired Rooms, a new Georgian firm of young designers.

Every tourist knows not to expect too much from Holiday Inn restaurants. Hotels of this popular brand are attuned to the tastes of budget travelers, and the cuisine, accordingly, is usually of standard quality. Adjara represents a departure from the norm. From its laconic menu offering a variety of international dishes, one immediately senses a special creativity and eclecticism. The menu featuring Asian, European and Georgian selections reflects executive chef Thomas Muller’s own Asian roots, long experience in Europe and new beginning in Georgia.

A prawn soup – Flavors of Siam (GEL 13.50) – is a consommé of well-processed seafood served in the best French tradition – separately, in a transparent teapot. This moderately piquant Asian soup is a good start. Chicken Salad with Almonds (GEL 12.60) is tasty too. Less perfected is the “Georgian” salad with mayonnaise, a clear menu disappointment. Much better salad starters are the Italian choices: Tomato Mozzarella (GEL 24.60) or Rucola & Prawn (GEL 17.90).

For the main course, Chicken with Mushrooms (GEL 26.90) proved delicious – the oven-baked chicken fillet topped with a creamy mushroom sauce. A combined prawn and steak dish – Sky and Earth (GEL 35.90) – was something extraordinary, tender steak and succulent prawns accompanied with Mediterranean mille feuille – fresh layered vegetables.

Crème Brûlée exceeded all expectations. I can hardly imagine any other Holiday Inn restaurant serving such a high-quality gourmet dessert: rich cream with a perfectly caramelized top layer and a truly remarkable blending of three different flavors in each sumptuous portion.

Service is flawless, extremely professional: Waiters are well aware of the menu and dishes, remember to leave the cork of an opened wine bottle on the table, are attentive without being intrusive and, when asked, deliver the check without delay. It was a pleasant surprise to discover that such world-class service actually exists in Georgia. Visit the restaurant Adjara and judge for yourself. The restaurant serves breakfast and lunch, as well as dinner.



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