NATO Ambassadors in Georgia

NATO Ambassadors Meet Georgian Ombudsman


NATO ambassadors being on a visit to Georgia met the Ombudsman Giorgi Tughushi. According to Tughushi, representatives of the alliance were interested in media problems that have been occurring with regard to forthcoming elections, including the issue of satellite dishes.

"Members of the delegation asked how many televisions are there operating in Georgia and how important it is to distribute signals by means of satellite dishes. We tried to depict the general situation. They were interested in reasons that caused the seizure of satellite dishes", - said Tughushi.

As the Ombudsman said, the NATO ambassadors took an interest in the penitential system of Georgia where on October 1 elections will be held for the first time.

On July 12 Tbilisi City Court made a decision to seize satellite dishes imported by Maestro TV.


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