Ivanishvili about Georgian Government

Bidzina Ivanishvili: We have the most horrible government

The leader of the Georgian Dream political coalition Bidzina Ivanishvili appeared on the Georgian Public Broadcaster’s weekly talk show “Accents” hosted by Eka Kvesitadze on 16 September.
Bidzina Ivanishvili has reiterated that he intends to exit politics in two years’ time to undertake a “more difficult position” of “an active member of the society” and in that new capacity, he will remain responsible for the team he will leave in power.
In response to a question as to how come that so many officials from Eduard Shevardnadze and Aslan Abashidze corrupt regimes are on the Georgian Dream party list, Ivanishvili said that one must not judge people by “who stood next to who”, adding that the “doors of his team are open” even for those who serve the current “horrible regime” but have not committed any crime.
“How can one recall the past after having the Saakashvili regime? There has not been a government so violent against its own people in the history. I remember I was asked how I dare not to criticize Putin. How can one speak about other governments when one has Saakashvili in the government, lives under the regime based on such ideology? We have the most horrible government”, Ivanishvili said.
Regarding assessments of international organizations of significant progress made by Georgia in combating corruption and other areas in the past few years, the leader of the Georgian Dream political coalition said that “Saakashvili has misled these organizations” and actually, the “elite corruption is rife” in the country.
“Saakashvili is a professional liar. He has put international institutions in a terrible situation. They have provided such information, built up embassies on such lies, spread such lies that make one’s hair stand on end”, Ivanishvili said.
Commenting on a special operation conducted in the Lopota Gorge, Ivanishvili assessed it as “staged” and aimed at threatening the population with Russia.
Concerning homophobic and xenophobic statements made by some single-seat candidates of the Georgian Dream, Ivanishvili believes that those statements do not reflect real position of the candidates and “if someone has not apologized for those accidental statements, he’ll necessarily do it”.
“It was Saakashvili who made Russian dreams come true”, said Ivanishvilily, commenting on Russian-Georgian war in 2008. Besides, Ivanishvili has stressed that he isn’t going to criticize Putin.
“I’ll create real conditions to regain the lost territories. I’ll have to talk with him. Why should I criticize him? Where is the logic?” Ivanishvili asked.
Besides, Ivanishvili has said that if he comes to power the country will continue its course toward Europe and NATO and Russia will not impede the process. 


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