Georgian Dream

Ivanishvili describes French Gendarmerie materials as absolute nonsense


The leader of the Georgian Dream, Bidzina Ivanishvili, has described materials provided by the French Gendarmerie, which show ties between a Georgian opposition politician, Giorgi Khaindrava, and crime bosses, as absolute nonsense. Speaking to journalists on 25 September, Mr. Ivanishvili said that those materials were released by the Prosecutor’s Office of Georgia and not by the French Gendarmerie.

"How trustworthy do you consider all that? Do you think that an investigation can be conducted in Georgia? Do you think Khaindrava is capable to trigger destabilization and supply weapons to the country? The Prosecutor’s Office is tailored to fit a single person and serves the ideology of that unintelligible and baffled man,” Ivanishvili has noted.

The Chief Prosecutor of Georgia, Murtaz Zodelava, announced at a news briefing on 26 September  that Georgia received the information concerning security interests of the country from the French Gendarmerie several weeks ago. On 25 September, materials were officially handed over to Georgian law enforcement authorities

”According to the materials provided by the French Gendarmerie, a deal has been made between a representative of Georgian political opposition and bosses of the international crime network, which was aimed at triggering destabilization and violent actions, reinstating the influence of thieves-in-law and establishing a paramilitary group in Georgia,” Zodelava said.

Mr. Khaindrava has already been interrogated by Georgian law-enforcers.



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