Court reform

Supreme court chairman backs president’s veto


It is the president’s discretion to veto any bill no matter what the Supreme Court, parliament or government think, Chairman of the Supreme Court of Georgia Kote Kublashvili told journalists on 25 April, commenting on the president’s decision to veto a draft amendment to the Law On Common Law Courts.

On 23 April, President Mikheil Saakashvili vetoed the draft amendment to the Law On Common Law Courts, which envisage the early termination of service of incumbent members of the High Council of Justice. As the head of president’s administration explained, this will set a dangerous precedent enabling any new government or parliament to replace the Council members with those whom the new authorities favor.

“The change in political authority shall not be followed by a change in court authority. Nothing of the kind happens in any democratic country. By so doing Georgia will set a very bad precedent allowing any new government of the country to replace someone and change something in the judiciary over and over again,” Chairman of the Supreme Court Kote Kublashvilil said.


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