Bokeria: Path towards NATO will lead to better relations with Russia


Georgia can improve relations with Russia only by following an example of the Baltic States and escaping the sphere of Russia’s influence, Chairman of Georgia’s National Security Council Giga Bokeria said in Rustavi 2 TV program, Pozitsia, on 30 April.

Bokeria welcomed a statement made by Prime Minister Bidzina Ivanishvili on 30 April, that Georgia plans to receive the Membership Action Plan (MAP) at the next NATO summit scheduled for 2014.

“I welcome prime minister’s statement that Georgia’s aim is to receive the MAP at the next NATO summit. I believe this is the issue around which the political spectrum must be united. This is the path that will bring about that result which the new government calls ‘sorting out’ relations with Russia and not by showing [Russia] that the new government distances itself from the previous government and because of that President Putin and Russian political class will instantly change their strategic visions, or as Bidzina Ivanishvili said, will understand that they do not need the occupation [of Georgian territories]. Such approach is, at best, naïve,” Bokeria said.

The Chairman of National Security Council also commented on prime minister’s recent statement that Russia is no longer indicated as the main threat to Georgia in the national security strategy.

“I hope this will not happen and prime minister’s statement the other day was uninformed or he talked only about softening rhetoric and not about the change in a basic wording of strategic documents. I will not go into analysis about reasons of prime minister’s mistake but the fact is that every strategic document, drawn up by the previous government as well as a draft strategic overview document, describes the situation exactly as it is – that the Russian military forces occupy the Georgian territories and that this is the key challenge and threat for the government and any threat of destabilization emanates from that,” Giga Bokeria declared. 


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