Alasania: No illusion that Russia will change stance towards Georgia soon


The national security concept of Georgia has not been revised in terms of main threats to Georgia, Defense Minister Irakli Alasania said in Rustavi 2 TV program, Pozitsia, on 30 April. The only change was made to the strategic overview document regarding a new political reality in Georgia which gives ground for a very cautious optimist about settling relations with Russia.

“Russian armed forces in occupied territories of Georgia remain a threat for us as it was six months ago. No one intended or intends to change the feeling and assessment of these threats because this is the objective reality. It is this very reality that is accepted as a factual circumstance by our partners in NATO and the European Union. That’s why our main political objective is to have Russia fulfill the [six-point ceasefire] agreement which the Russian president signed in August 2008 and sooner or later the Russian army will withdraw from the occupied territories,” Alasania said.

According to the defense minister, Georgia’s position has not softened and will not soften to the detriment of the country’s security or occupied territories. The only change is that certain pragmatism towards Russia has emerged in the Georgian politics.

“Indeed, we have softened a military rhetoric and that is how it should be. Such polarization does not bring any benefit to Georgia’s integration into NATO and the EU… Our government and our prime minister do not entertain any illusion that the Russian government will change its stance towards the territorial integrity of our country or even towards our Euro-Atlantic integration in the coming years… However, our political aim is not to give Russia any reason for foreign political attacks on Georgia,” Alasania said.


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