Press Conference

PM Criticizes GYLA for “Exceeding Authority”


On 14 May Georgian PM Bidzina Ivanishvili commented on Georgian Young Lawyers' Association's claims that the detained former officials of the Agriculture Ministry reported being pressured during questioning. GYLA called on law enforcers to look into the claims. In response to a journalist's question on GYLA's statement made on May 13th, Ivanishvili said: "strengthening civil society is my big desire and I am planning to participate in the process. However, I would like to remind the members of the civil society, including the members of GYLA, that they have their own functions, and GYLA cannot become the new judge. They cannot have more functions than it is defined by law, speaking from what I remember from their previous reactions."
PM said the society should understand that the state as well has "its own institutions with their own functions." "Everyone has the right to carry out their authority, but let's do not put too much accent on it. It is not like if GYLA said so, the country should turn upside down," he said "I think they [GYLA] exceeded their authority, however I did not ask any questions, I did not react, but I still think that the civil society, even GYLA, should be maximally active and even exceed their rights. However, I would like to remind the society not to imagine GYLA as a state institution. It is part of the civil society and they [GYLA members] have the right to express their opinion and the society then should analyze it well," he added.
As for the statement on alleged pressure on detained former officials of the Agriculture Ministry, PM pointed out that GYLA has the right to "express doubts". "The Prosecutor's Office, and we as well, will look into the issue, whatever is allowed by the legislation. I am not interfering in the investigation, and I cannot tell you how soon it will be finished. I just ask general questions and they tell me that there are more than enough facts. I do not have the right to interfere in the investigation beyond this," the Prime Minister said.


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