17 May rally - evaluations

EU Ambassador to Georgia: right of expression was violently blocked


EU Ambassador to Georgia Philip Dimitrov commented on the violence on 17 May when anti-gay groups led by orthodox clergy raided gay rights rally in downtown Tbilisi. The Ambassador said he was "disappointed that this right of expression was violently blocked." He told journalists that freedom of expression of every human being is considered of "paramount importance."
"The people who blocked the streets evidently do not understand that no one demands from them to like or follow one type of behaviour or another. In nowadays standards of civilization, however, it is normal to not stop anyone from expressing themselves the way they are," Interpressnews news agency quoted Dimitrov as saying "what is not normal is violence and brutality against people who feel different. Georgia has committed itself to these standards and to this understanding of normalcy and it is a shame to be unable to follow these commitments,"he added.


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