17 May rally - evaluations

Mark Mullen: 17 May events were organized in advance


Head of Transparency International Georgia's Supervisory Board, Mark Mullen commented on events of 17 May, when anti-gay demonstrators led by Georgian Orthodox clergy raided gay rights rally in Tbilisi. Mullen said he had an impression that the violence of 17 May was organized. "I was in front of the Parliament and I saw the people with sheets of names and mobile numbers," he told Tabula, adding that he was not aware of who organized the unrest "I have seen a lot of crowds in Georgia and I can tell the difference between the crowds. I think there was a group of people, especially in front of the Parliament, that I think many of them were paid."
"In one way or another, the Church leadership was promoting hatred, and parts of the Church were actively promoting violence, that's pretty dangerous," Mullen said. He called on the Georgian society to "study carefully what happened in Iran in 70s."


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