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Identoba: mass terror launched against LGBT persons

ძალადობის კვალი Photo: ძალადობის კვალი / identoba.com

The organizers of May 17 anti-homophobia rally have reported about the cases of violence due to the "impunity" of those responsible of thwarting the gay rights demonstration. Organization Identoba issued a list of incidents and a photo of a bruised limb of one of the female victims of violence.
"After the events of 17 May, the Georgian government limited to several statements. No offenses have been revealed or eradicated. Impunity only encourages the arbitrariness and illegal actions of the violent people. LGBT persons are still under threat in the streets of Tbilisi in or in other public places," Identoba said in its statement.
The organization issued a list of cases of violence recorded since 17 May:

  1. On 17 May, A. was surrounded by young men at the restaurant "Shkhara". He pretended to be a foreigner but it did not help. A. was beaten up. On 18May, he was attacked again by a group of young people and his hair was put on fire. On 19 May the same person was attacked at Turtle Lake.
  2. Identoba's staff member (a female) was almost run over by a car. The driver purposefully directed the car at her. She managed to escape. The driver got out of the car and shouted at her: "you dirty lesbian" and attempted to beat her. She was saved by the familiar Taxi drivers standing nearby.
  3. On 17 May D. and T. were followed by a large number of counter-protesters. They were severely beaten up.
  4. Identoba's employees escaped the counter-demonstrators that were chasing them by locking themselves into a supermarket Populi. They only managed to leave after the ombudsmen and the police arrived at the site.
  5. On 18 May, a women traveling on a mini-bus in Tbilisi, was chased after by group of young people. They started talking to her and then beat her up. She managed to stop the police car that took her away. However, the police did not arrest the attackers.
  6. On 18 May, around 14.00, two young women were chased by group of young men. They were shouting "look, she does not have breasts, she must be a Faggot". They were beaten up and the aggressors were biting their hands and legs. They were shouting: "I am a girl, leave me alone", but it did not help. None of them had attended IDAHO demonstration. They were not Identoba's activists.
  7. A lesbian girl was shamed in front of her classmates by school principal and threatened to be expelled from school.
  8. In general, Identoba's staff members are targeted by their neighbors. People go to their families, act aggressively, and shame them.

In its statement, Identoba called on the Georgian Interior Ministry to "urgently start combating the facts of the violence, investigate the cases and arrest the aggressors. The passivity of the police has already led to physical harm of the citizens of Georgia and threatened the lives of some of them."



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