Patriarch's Statement

Ilia II: we should defend traditions, but there should be no violence


Channel 9 aired part of an interview with Georgia Patriarch Ilia II on 21 May. In the interview, the Georgian Orthodox Church leader commented on the events of 17 May.
"We should keep calm, we should defend our traditions and customs, however, at the same time, there should be no violence and nobody should impose their ideas on each other. But I would like to say that this [gay rights rally] happened during the period of mourning three Georgian soldiers [killed in Afghanistan]. It is very bad that they did not take it into consideration," Ilia II told Channel 9. The Patriarch is currently in Istanbul visiting Patriarch Bartholomew I of Constantinople to mark anniversary of the Edict of Milan.

The complete interview with the Georgian Patriarch will be aired on Channel 9 later on 21 May.


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