Eka Gigauri: We must think about appropriateness of Georgia’s participation in Sochi Olympics

Photo: transparency.ge

Executive Director of the Transparency International Georgia Eka Gigauri has called on the Georgian government to think how appropriate is for Georgia to participate in the Winter Olympics in Sochi against the backdrop of the developments in the village of Ditsi near the occupation line with the Tskhinvali region.

The Russian military servicemen have been moving the occupational line deeper inside the Georgia-controlled territory at the administrative border with the Tskhinvali region through installing a barbed wire fence. Moreover, over the past few days, Russian military detained a resident of the village of Ditsi and two other locals living in the areas bordering with the occupational line.

"The Georgian government must take concrete steps to cause Russia to stop its actions. The support of the international community is also very important and it must also take more active steps in this direction," said Eka Gigauri on 2 June.

According to Eka Gigauri, the Georgian society must think about certain forms of protest. "With Russia having occupied 20 percent of our territories and continuing to do so, we must think about the appropriateness of Georgia's participation in the Olympic Games [in Sochi]. Discussions must begin on this issue and seeing such an attitude from Russia, I think, our participation in the Olympic Games is inappropriate," Eka Gigauri said before departing for the Ditsi village.

On 2 June, the Transparency International Georgia published a joint statement of several non-governmental organizations regarding the developments in the villages bordering with the occupational line.

"We call on the occupational regime to immediately release citizens of Georgia and to stop violating basic principles of the international law and the obligations assumed under the 2008 ceasefire agreement, " the joint statements reads.

"We call on the government of Georgia to use all available domestic and international mechanisms to protect the security of Georgian citizens. We call on international organizations and diplomatic corps to inform the international community about the violation of the 2008 ceasefire agreement, facts of abduction of Georgian citizens and the occupation of Georgia's border."

Representatives of signatories of this joint statement left for the village of Ditsi to meet with local residents.


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