Andro Barnovi: Linking accused of terrorism with president is provocation


Any hint about indirect links of persons accused of terrorist act with the name of President in any form is a pure provocation, Head of President's Administration, Andro Barnovi, said on 13 June.

Barnovi was commenting on the statement of the Interior Ministry that Mikail Kadiyev, arrested earlier on that day for an attempt of terrorist act, lived in the apartment of the President's personal pilot during a certain period of time.

The head of Interior Ministry's press service, Nino Giorgobiani, said on 13 June that Mikail Kadiyev personally knew Zaur Kortoshidze who is a personal pilot of President of Georgia and the owner of a company, Tusheti, providing helicopter services. According to Giorgobiani, Kadiyev stayed in Kortoshidze's apartment for some period of time.

Head of President's Administration, Andro Barnovi, said that Kortoshidze is not a personal pilot of the president but works in the company contracted by the Special State Protection Service. The Special State Protection Service is subordinated to Prime Minister of Georgia, Barnovi noted. According to the head of President's administration, several events – the release of videos in the name of the Taliban, threatening Georgian population; Vladimir Putin's statement about cooperation between special services of Russia and Georgia; and the arrest of Mikail Kadiyev and Rizvan Omarov for an attempt of terrorist act – have suspiciously coincided in time with one another.


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