President of Georgia

President to veto higher education law if adopted in current state


Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili said on 17 June that he will veto the law on higher education if adopted in current state. "If your point of view is not taken into account, the President has right for veto. I do not think that there are resources to bypass the veto, because there are differences [on the law] in the majority as well," Saakashvili said at a meeting with students.
The President said Georgian education sphere has progressed. He said there is a significant difference between the Universities in Georgia and those in other post Soviet states. "In those countries with the first steps [in the University] you travel back to the Soviet Union – because of the professors, programs, with the attitudes of teachers and students. You can feel the smell of the Soviet Union in those buildings. Soviet Union smells bad. We need to air it out. We have been doing so in order to free our Universities of the smell of Soviet Union, we were just about to close the windows and turn the climate control on when they introduced this law," the President said "Universities will not be able to decide how much to pay [to the professors]. Some official in the Ministry, angry for being kicked out [of the University] before or for his son not being admitted, will decide how much teachers or professors should get," he added.


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