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Identoba calls on citizens to send letters to MP Beselia

ლგბტ დროშა

Identoba, an organization advocating LGBT persons' rights issued a statement on 18 June following the statement of the Chairman of Parliamentary Committee for Human Rights and Civil Integration Eka Beselia and the conclusion made by the Committee on 17 May violence in Tbilisi. The organization called on each of the signatories of the petition on 17 May events to send separate regular mails to Beselia."Identoba calls on every person who signed the petition to send a letter to Eka Beselia with a short text 'I singed this petition' and link to this page," the statement reads.

"Chairman of the Human Rights Parliamentary Committee has laughed at all of us after exactly a month from the violence of 17 May. Instead of demanding investigating the crime, she has launched black PR about the alleged fraud of signatures. This means laughing at the Parliament, at the constitution and the people. Beselia's actions are shocking and violates all ethical and political standards. So, we call on all persons to send a letter through regular mail to Beselia," representative of Identoba Irakli Vacharadze told Tabula.

On 17 June Human Rights Committee drafted a conclusion on 17 May events. According to the Committee Chairman, the conclusion does not go beyond the evaluation of the Georgian Patriarch on the incident. Beselia also cast doubt on the authenticity of the signatures of the petition sent to the Parliament following the raid on gay rights rally. She said the people whose signatures were attached to the petition attended Human Rights Committee session, however they said they had not signed it. Thus, according to the Committee Chairman, the list should be double-checked. Participants of the session Rati Maisuradze and Giorgi Gabedava said their names were on the list of signatories although they had not signed the petition. Chairman of the People's Movement Nana Kakabadze agreed with them, saying a criminal case should be launched on the alleged fraud.



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