Torture Videos

President comments on torture videos


Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili commented on the videos allegedly found in secret storages in Samegrelo region. "Grave crime is depicted on the videos released recently by the Interior Ministry, if of course, the videos are authentic. The perpetrators should be punished strictly," he said on June 20. President Saakashvili expressed his concern that during his government's term in office "sadists and violators" managed to "sneak in" the state system.
"It is horrible, and should be condemned and investigated properly. We do not live on Mars. In last several years years a lot has been done to eliminate what was previously normal in the Georgian police – torture, bribery, forced confessions. Our people lived in Georgia and all of you know that the police had transformed significantly in the last years and there is no doubt that the situation overall had improved," he said "however, there can always be an island of trouble and horror. Sadists and violators can always sneak in. Of course, I am very sorry if such persons sneaked in during my government's term. That's why a very specific attitude should be applied to these people. They should not be covered," the President added.
Saakashvili named two alleged violators, "some Chkhatarashvili and Levan Kardava." "Two main figures: representative of the Constitutional Security Department some Chkhatarashvili and the actual head of the Department Levan Kardava, which unfortunately transitioned from Shevardnadze's government to ours. Unfortunately, we left [him in service] and old sins of his were dismissed. Today both of them cooperate with the new government. Chkhatarashvili is the right hand to the main advisor of the new government and main owner of the business Gia Khukhashvili. He is one of the main architects of the cases carried out by the Prosecutor's Office nowadays," the President said "Levan Kardava is the person which talks to the members of our Parliamentary faction every day, forces them to leave the United National Movement and actively cooperate with the current government. As it turned out, these two persons were, unfortunately, the perpetrators of many illegal acts. I did not know these persons, I did not know who they were up until recently, however this does not free me of responsibility. I will regret it till the end of my life that we transitioned them from the previous government, accepted them in our government and they served during our government in office. But I want to tell the current government – they should not be paying these people millions, as they are now paid according to the information I possess, for carrying out dirty tasks," he said
According to the President, "unimaginable sadist and violator Bedukadze" was freed with "practically hero's status" as a result of "unilateral" decision of the Chief Prosecutor. "However, we know that it was not his decision. Everything that he [Bedukadze] did with his own will or by someone's order, was written off him," Saakashvili said, adding that "justice should be established" by holding responsible specific perpetrators of the crime.


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