Parliament Speaker: Georgia is taking firm steps towards NATO

დავით უსუფაშვილი Photo:

Georgia is taking "firm steps" towards joining the North Atlantic Alliance, Parliament Speaker Davit Usupashvili said on 27 June at the meeting of the North Atlantic Council representatives with the Georgian Parliament members, adding that it is the choice of the Georgian people, and it has been the goal of the previous and the current governments. "This is a clear demonstration of the fact that Georgia is taking firm steps towards the membership of the North Atlantic Alliance...The choice of the Georgian people is peace, cooperation and democracy - these are the values that are fundamental principles for NATO," Usupashvili said.

According to the Parliament Speaker, Georgia has been doing its best to join the Alliance. However, in order to reach the goal, the country should become a "much better" place, he said.

"We are proud that we are able to participate and to contribute to making the modern world secure, free of terrorism and violence, and for this cause our citizens and the representatives of military forces are not sparing their efforts and energy, sometimes unfortunately at the expense of their own lives, to stand with our partner states in the hottest spots of the world," Usupashvili said "at the same time, we understand that Georgia should become better as an established, democratic state in order to reach the goal and become a full member of the Alliance," he added.

The Parliament Speaker said that the conditions in the country need to be "improved in many directions", including developing democratic institutions and overcoming poverty. "All the citizens, regardless their belonging, should feel safe. A lot needs to be done to achieve this. The Georgian Parliament is ready to contribute to this highly important cause," he said, adding that Georgia expects NATO to take steps as well "we will fulfill the goals we have announced. At the same time, first of all the Georgian citizens, and we, the members of Parliament and the politicians expect that NATO will take certain steps too. By next year we will be able to demonstrate that the process of integration has deepened and that we have progressed in this direction. You will visit us again and tell us what has been done in our country," Usupashvili added.



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