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Usupashvili: owners will not be allowed to sell agriculture land to foreigners

Photo: ტაბულა

Georgian Parliament Speaker, Davit Usupashvili told Imedi TV station on 30 June that the Parliament is working on a bill that bans selling agriculture land to foreign citizens. "Parliament made a decision to announce moratorium. It does not refer to the land owners who purchased the land through the rules defined by legislation. It means that in the future, the Georgian citizens, as well as the foreign citizens will not be allowed to sell land to foreigners. Land can be given on a long-term lease or under any other condition," the Parliament Speaker said "it is an important step not against investments, but towards attracting investments, because agriculture land should not be a matter of speculations as it has been in Georgia," he added.

According to Usupashvili, the government should take into account that majority of the population living in the countryside are on a verge of poverty and that they are ready to sell their land at miserable prices. The Parliament speaker reiterated that the law will not hinder flow of investments to Georgia.

"In these difficult conditions we should assist the citizens living in the countryside in a different way, we should give them opportunity to earn money, as 50 percent of our population earns its living by agriculture activities. In this situation, leaving the citizens without land is not a correct state policy," Usupashvili said "I reiterate, that this is nothing to do with hindering investments and this practice is used in many countries. We will make the final decision after a comprehensive study of the topic. The Parliament is ready to stop the situation which used to be out of control in the country," he added.


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