Eight MIA employees interrogated in connection with suicide case

ნინო გიორგობიანი Photo: შსს

Eight employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) have been interrogated in connection with the suicide of Mamuka Mikautadze, the head of MIA press service Nino Giorgobiania told the news agency InterPressNews on 8 July.

"Mikautadze's friends and colleagues have also been questioned. At this stage, the inquiry is underway in the General Inspection of MIA towards other employees involved in this case," Giorgobiani said.

According to her, a criminal proceeding has been instituted under Article 115 ("Bringing to the Point of Suicide") of the Criminal Code of Georgia.

Mamuka Mikautadze killed himself reportedly after he was tortured by police during the interrogation to coerce him to testify against his friend.


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