Štefan Füle: Ad hoc-ism and short-termism need to be replaced

შტეფან ფულე Photo: wikipedia.org

Georgia must not "get stuck in the past" and should not speak bitterly on former government's record; it must put more energy in building its future, the EU Commissioner for Enlargement and European Neighbourhood Policy, Štefan Füle, said when addressing the conference, Georgia's European Way, on 11 July.

According to the EU commissioner, there are two myths about Georgia's Euro-Atlantic course, either of them being wide of the mark.

The first myth is that Georgia's chances at the Vilnius Summit are slim, Füle said, and that after the October parliamentary elections, Georgia has deviated from its pro-democratic course of reforms. We think, Füle went on, this does not reflect the reality at all.

Another myth, the EU commissioner said, is that it does not matter how the state treats the past legacy and crimes because the EU does not pay much attention to that. This is simply not true, Füle said and added that the EU keeps a close watch on the events unfolding in Georgia as they are of utmost importance for the EU.

According to Štefan Füle, European standards and values must be observed to achieve progress. The road towards Vilnius must be truly European and steps taken on this road must also be European because no other path exists, he said.

As the EU commissioner said, these two goals – Georgia's success at the Vilnius Summit and the treatment of the past – do not contradict each other. That would be yet another myth, he noted. No one is above the law and every crime must be investigated, however, that must be done in a manner that excludes the politicization of justice and the use of it for political aims or retaliation, Štefan Füle stressed.

The EU commissioner believes that Georgia must direct more energy towards building its future and develop really independent justice system and democratic institutions with the effective mechanism of checks and balances. According to Štefan Füle, "ad hoc-ism and short-termism" need to be replaced with better established and agreed procedures, improved or new institutions. Only then Georgia's way will be truly European, Štefan Füle declared.


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